Koha Service Providers in Sweden

The following companies provide Koha services in Sweden:

NB! The Swedish Koha User Group does not recommend any particular supplier and all companies can request to be added to the page. Members of the Swedish Koha User Group are recommended to discuss questions regarding Koha suppliers in the slack discussion fora.

Information for suppliers

Koha (koha-community.org) is a free open source system originally developed in New Zealand and which is now the world’s most widely used library system with an estimated 26,000 to 30,000 libraries. Koha’s technical platform Koha on the backend is Linux-Apache-Maria DB-Perl-ElasticSearch and on the frontend HTML-JQuery-BootStrap.

Since 2017, Koha has been on the rise in Sweden (Sweden has over 2,200 library organizations). Many Swedish libraries (school libraries, public libraries, research libraries and special libraries) are considering migrating to Koha.

The Koha services that are requested for in the library market include:

  • Operations of a Koha as a cloud service
  • Operations of a Koha for customer libraries on premises
  • Migration from legacy library systems to Koha
  • Development of new functionality in Koha
  • Adaptation of functionality in Koha according to the customer’s needs
  • Development and operation of peripheral services for Koha

Koha can be easily installed locally on e.g. a Linux Debian installation, there are also pre-installed demo servers to test.

Prospective Koha suppliers can benefit from visiting the international annual conference KohaCon.