Plugin: Vendor Order Acquisition into Koha

Since spring 2021 there is a plugin available in Koha that establish a userfriendly and effective order data flow from book vendors into Koha. The plugin has been developed by the Swedish Koha User Group and can be installed in the three latest major releases of Koha.

For instructions on how to install the plugin please have a look here:

If you would like your book/media vendor to enable order data flow into your Koha give them this link below on the API that they need to implement:

In spring 2021 the following book/media vendors implemented the integration:

  • Adlibris

Contact details to people within the User Group that have worked with the plugin:
Ola Andersson (technical and API design)
Klas Blomberg (business specialist and technical design)
Karin Engström (procurement of development)

Berit Nord (business specialist)


  1. Does the service work for libraries not connected with the Libris Union Catalouge? – Answer: Yes it will work fine