The 14 Swedish municipalities of Norrbotten decides to go for Koha and becomes Sweden’s largest consortia

On the 26 August 2020 the library consortia of 14 Swedish municipalities in the administrative region of Norrbotten (homepage) decided to go for the open and free Koha library system. This will in effect become the largest Koha consortia in Sweden.

The administrative regional library organisation will likely be responsible for procurement and Koha will be launched live within the consortia on the 1 January 2022. The participating municipalities are Arjeplog, Arvidsjaur, Boden, Gällivare, Haparanda, Jokkmokk, Kalix, Kiruna, Luleå, Pajala, Älvsbyn, Överkalix, and Övertorneå.

The Swedish Koha User Group congratulates the Norrbotten library consortia on the decision to go with Koha and wishes the libraries in Norrbotten welcome to an extensive and fruitful collaboration on Koha and it’s further development and use in Sweden, and worldwide.

Summary of the eighth biannual Swedish Koha User Group meeting in Lund 15 – 17 October 2019

Between 15 to 17 of October 2019 almost 100 delegates from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and France assembled in Lund, Sweden to discuss Koha and open source. The Swedish Koha User Group invited to its eighth biannual meeting and both presentations from invited speakers as well as open discussions, workshops, and a hackfest were held. Key Note speaker for the meeting was researcher Johan Linåker, expert on open source in public sector. Other presentations focused on collection building, dashboards in Urungi, automated testing and user experience evaluation, Elastic search, statistics and SQL, inter-library loans in a Swedish context and much more. The meeting days were full of activity and provided the delegates with new impulses and impressions to be taken back home to their own organisations.

The full meeting notes (In Swedish), including recorded presentations, is found here:

Svenska Kohanätverkets åttonde användarmöte 15-17 oktober 2019 i Lund med Lund universitetsbibliotek