Summary of the Swedish Koha User Group meeting in Luleå 17-19 October 2018

Between 17-19 October 2018 the Swedish Koha User Group held its sixth biannual meeting. The host for the meeting was Luleå University Library. About 70 particpants from all around Sweden came to the meeting but also some delegates from Denmark, Norway, France, Germany, and Greece particpated. The conference part included presentations for two half-days on 17 and 18 of October, followed by an optional hackfest on 18 and 19 of October.

Key points from the conference days were:

  • Lund University Library described their Koha Go-Live project
  • Presentation of the current Koha project run by the User Group with funding from the National Library in Sweden
  • Experiences from the KohaCon2018 conference in Portland, OR, USA
  • Presentation of the work being done to adapt the Koha ILL module to Swedish workflows
  • Presentation of Libris XL, the national union catalogue in Sweden, that now uses linked data instead of MARC
  • Presentation of Koha’s history and community by Paul Poulain (BibLibre)
  • Gothenburg University Library described their Koha Go-Live project
  • Katrin Fischer (BSZ) presented Koha development in the international community

In the hackfest a number of topics were discussed and worked upon. Key points from the hackfest were:

  • How to use the ILL module?
  • How does Libris XL work with Koha?
  • How does ElasticSearch work in Koha?
  • How can you use JQuery in Koha?
  • Andreas Roussos presented What are some catalog housekeeping scripts for Koha?

Outside the work related topics the meeting also held a guided tour to the UNESCO World Heritage site Gammelstad Church Town, while also one Tex-Mex after work and an Italian dinner were arranged.

For the full meeting documentation (in Swedish) please see:

Stockholm University Library proposes to host KohaCon 2019

Stockholm University Library, with the support of the National Library in Sweden and the Swedish Koha User Group, is proud to announce our proposal to arrange KohaCon in Stockholm 2019. Stockholm University Library has for a long time been actively collaborating around systems and systems development, as well as open source software. We went live with Koha in July 2016, and helped establish the Swedish Koha User Group the same year. Koha is growing rapidly in Sweden (as well as Finland, and other parts of Scandinavia), and we would like to showcase the efforts and commitment that is happening with Koha in our area of the world, as well as give something back to the community!


Lund University library successfully launched Koha 19 June 2018

Lund University library successfully launched Koha on the 19 June 2018. A more comprehensive report will be issued after the summer.

Lund University library was established in 1668 and is one of Sweden’s oldest and largest libraries. Since 1698 it has received legal deposit copies of everything printed in the country. Swedish imprints make up half of the collections, which amount to 170,000 linear metres of shelving (2006). The library serves 620,000 loans per year, the staff is 200 full-time equivalents, and the 33 branch libraries house 2600 reading room desks.