Stockholm University Library proposes to host KohaCon 2019

Stockholm University Library, with the support of the National Library in Sweden and the Swedish Koha User Group, is proud to announce our proposal to arrange KohaCon in Stockholm 2019. Stockholm University Library has for a long time been actively collaborating around systems and systems development, as well as open source software. We went live with Koha in July 2016, and helped establish the Swedish Koha User Group the same year. Koha is growing rapidly in Sweden (as well as Finland, and other parts of Scandinavia), and we would like to showcase the efforts and commitment that is happening with Koha in our area of the world, as well as give something back to the community!


Lund University library successfully launched Koha 19 June 2018

Lund University library successfully launched Koha on the 19 June 2018. A more comprehensive report will be issued after the summer.

Lund University library was established in 1668 and is one of Sweden’s oldest and largest libraries. Since 1698 it has received legal deposit copies of everything printed in the country. Swedish imprints make up half of the collections, which amount to 170,000 linear metres of shelving (2006). The library serves 620,000 loans per year, the staff is 200 full-time equivalents, and the 33 branch libraries house 2600 reading room desks.

Göteborg University Library is now using Koha

On April 5, 2018, Göteborg University Library announced that they are using Koha as an integrated library system (ILS).

The library’s adaptation of Koha’s ILS has included a wide range of development in areas such as Elasticsearch, libris import, edifact orders, loan card registration forms, custom-designed front-end folders, as well as, interface customization and integration with surrounding systems such as discovery, remote lending, printing systems, group room booking, public computers, etc.

The Primo Discovery System is integrated through a proprietary order application, where borrowers make their orders via links in the Primo hitlists. Additionally, sample lists with current accessibility information are retrieved via a Koha-cgi.

The process of introducing Koha was initiated by a comprehensive process mapping conducted by representatives of the business. The library’s staff have continuously contributed to the foundation, through testing completed development and reconfiguration. This is a fundamental reason why a useful system has been delivered.

Before the library went live, a Koha training was conducted where all employees participated in the introduction and offered in-depth training in each process. The library also developed its own training material.

Göteborg University Library is an academic library with 8 units, 198 employees, 47,000 active borrowers and 1.6 million bibliographic records in Koha. The library uses Koha for circulation, cataloging, periodicals and acquisitions.

A public project report is under way.

For more information please contact the Göteborg University Koha team: